Our Companies

L Street Corporation employs an opportunistic, hands-on approach to identifying and operating businesses it invests in.  Current portfolio companies span industrial manufacturing, business services, and technology. In most cases, our ownership positions represent companies in the lower middle market.
L Street Industrials

L Street Industrials

Through decades of building relationships with Fortune 1000 companies and advisors of family businesses, L Street Corp selectively explores traditional industrial and manufacturing opportunities, both domestically and internationally. Whether it be a corporate carve out or “orphaned” asset, management buyout, or generational planning by a family owned business, L Street Corp is able to think and move creatively and quickly to provide solutions where others might not.
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L Street Services

L Street Services

L Street Corporation is historically deeply rooted in professional business services with both of its lead principals having started their careers at large services organizations. L Street continues to seek investment opportunities with mostly business leaning service organizations who can both be a resource to the holding company as well as grow a healthy external client base.
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L Street Ventures

L Street Ventures

Early iterations of L Street Corporation included heavy involvement in new ventures, startups, and venture capital. These enterprising efforts paved the way in Chicago, and more broadly in the Midwest, for L Street to be an early contributing member of regional growth in technology and innovation. L Street Corp continues to see this sector as an ongoing area of opportunity and will continue to make early stage investments on a selective basis with heavy emphasis on known entrepreneurs and sectors adjacent to its existing investments.
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